We are a company specialized in laying continuous industrial floors and pavements in Barcelona for all types of business sectors, where resistant, durable, non-slip, dust-free floors are required, with easy maintenance and high chemical performance.


Approved to your company. We offer solutions tailored to each industrial sector, we take into account multiple variables that seek to minimize the maximum downtime in your activity.


Choose the best option to repair your company's industrial floors and pavements, check prices, options and in a short time you can make a better decision.

1 - Where to apply this type of industrial flooring?


Industrial resin floors and pavements for the company in Barcelona, specially designed for your sector, here you will find the best solution to condition the floor of your company.

  • Industrial warehouse floors
  • Floors of car parks and parking lots
  • Slaughterhouse Floors
  • Cutting room floors
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratory Floors


  • Soils in the agri-food industry
  • Battery Room Floors
  • Floors for the Bread Industry
  • Floors for the meat industry
  • Floors for bottlers
  • Floors for fish farms
  • Floors for breweries
  • Floors for industrial kitchens
  • Asphalt and slurry floors 
  • Sports floors


Agri-food industrial flooring

The agro-food industrial floors and pavements in Barcelona proposed by Grupo Pavin encompass treatments for meat, fishing, hotel, fruit and vegetable pavements, in short, all those that treat food in any of its states. They are solutions in continuous resin pavements suitable to withstand large amounts of pedestrian and road traffic, permanent contact with water, non-slip, sanitary approved as they are inert.

Pickles - Canned and pickled - Freezing chambers (frozen products)

Smoking rooms (meat and fish) - Fruits in syrup - Fruit and vegetable cooperatives - Sausage dryers - Sausage factories - Slaughterhouses

Cutting rooms - Salting chambers - Cold areas - Fish markets and industries - Preserves - Breweries - Any work area with constant humidity - Food sector in general

Industrial flooring for automotive

Industrial resin floors and pavements for the automotive sector in Barcelona, specially designed for the automotive sector in all its sub sectors, here you will find the best solution to condition your workshop, treat oil stains, make it more resistant to road traffic and falling tools.

Rechangers - Repair workshops - Car dealers - Motorcycle workshops - Industrial vehicles - Second-hand vehicles - Body builders - Electric and clean energy vehicles - Auxiliary automotive industry - Exhibition and sale areas - Clean Transportation - Electric Vehicle - Clean energy

Industrial flooring for beverage companies

In the industrial floors and pavements for beverage companies in Barcelona applied by Grupo Pavin, understanding the sector in which we operate places us as the leading company in offering approved solutions in continuous industrial floors and pavements for the Wine Industry, beer industry, production industry of liquor and spirits drinks due to their great hardness, resistance and behavior in all stages of production, we have solutions for all types of industrial flooring approved for this sector.

General dispatch warehouse - Slow rotation warehouse - Rapid rotation warehouse - Collection centers - Packaging rooms - Wine vats - Grape transfer and collection - Distilleries - Spirits - Tasting areas and showroom

Industrial flooring for meat industries

The meat industrial floors and pavements in Barcelona proposed by Grupo Pavin are suitable for repairing and adapting any meat company with guarantees and that are made with this system usually used by our company throughout the agri-food sector, this type of industrial resin pavements are the leaders in the Meat Industry sector, due to their great hardness and resistance to humidity, both at the water table and on the surface. Sanitary suitable and non-slip according to regulations, easy to maintain and durable.

Slaughterhouses - Cutting rooms - Cold rooms - Salting rooms - Sausages - Canned meats - Processed meats - Fresh meats - Organ meats - Meat flour - Bone meal

Industrial sports flooring

These flooring systems are applied to indoor sports courts, sports halls, outdoor sports courts, municipal halls, adapting with different materials according to the conditions and the sport to be carried out on them and with various finishes in terms of texture and color.

Schoolyards - Gyms - Yoga centers - Sports centers - Sports courts in general - Functional training - Free weight - Fitness, martial arts - Cardio - Cycling - Soccer courts - Basketball courts - Volleyball - Tennis courts - Cycle lanes

Pharmaceutical industrial flooring

Industrial resin floors and pavements for the pharmaceutical sector in Barcelona applied by Grupo Pavin guarantee a suitable working environment for this type of industry. Easy to clean, aseptic, aesthetic, elegant and functional alike.

Pharmacy Office - Hospital pharmacy - Pharmaceutical industry and other manufacturing companies - Pharmaceutical distribution - Dermopharmacy - Food - Orthopedics - Clinical Laboratory - Clinical analysis - Biochemistry - Parasitology and Microbiology - Genetics, etc. - Teaching and Research - Pharmacist in veterinary commercials - Livestock groups - Environment - Research centers, etc.

Industrial flooring for restaurants

Continuous industrial floors and pavements for the hospitality industry in Barcelona, which in addition to notably improving the floor of your kitchen are sanitary and non-slip, making this the Pavin Group leader for the application of these systems in the 24-hour world of hospitality, since in a matter of hours your industrial flooring for the restaurant kitchen, bar, cafeteria, geriatric, student residence, etc. will be renewed.

Kitchens for restaurants - Kitchens in bars - Cafeterias - Catering services - Public canteens - Kitchens in schools - Bread ovens - Pastry shops - Ready-to-eat food places - Hotels -

Spas - Hospital kitchens

Industrial flooring for the fishing sector

We have all the solutions in floors and industrial pavements approved for the fishing industry, these are especially recommended for industries subject to constant humidity and heavy work demands. For places like: fish markets, cutting rooms, cold rooms, salting rooms, ...

Fish markets - Market stalls - Neighborhood fishmongers - Refrigeration chambers - Seafood restaurants

Industrial flooring for logistics

Industrial floors and pavements for the logistics industry in Barcelona, an industry that is subject 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to the transit of goods of all kinds, requiring resistant, durable, non-slip, dust-free and well-marked pavements so that the work is correctly carried out. organized and safe for everyone, avoiding accidents, crushing, etc.

Provisioning - Production - Distribution - After-sales service - Logistics Hubs or Platforms - Logistics Operator - Logistics at the service of International Trade - Storage and transportation of pharmaceutical and veterinary products - Cold storage and freezing rooms - Logistics warehouses for frozen products - Flooring for forklift systems laser or radio guided, joint repair

Industrial pavements for car parks

The rehabilitation of continuous epoxy and polyurethane industrial floors and pavements in car parks is in vogue, as was the breathing and rehabilitation of facades in previous years, these types of Industrial pavements for car parks are specially designed and formulated to meet all the needs of the work.

Private garages - Public parkings - Parkings of owners' communities - Outdoor parkings - Parkings in shopping malls - Airports - Underground parkings - Aerial parkings - Signage of squares - Horizontal signage - Vertical signage - Non-slip pavements for ramps etc ...

Industrial flooring for chemical industry

Chemical environments are very demanding and require industrial floors and pavements with high performance in terms of chemical resistance to occasional spills of all kinds of substances and mechanical to resist knocks, falls of metal containers of all kinds, etc., add that there are We must pay special attention to the areas of retention basins, half rods and that it is non-slip as a rule.

Basic inorganic products: acids, alkalis and salts, used mainly in other industrial sectors, and industrial gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen and acetylene - Basic organic products: raw materials for plastics, resins, synthetic rubbers and synthetic fibers; solvents and detergent raw materials; colorants and pigments - Fertilizers and pesticides (including herbicides, fungicides and insecticides) - Plastics, resins, synthetic rubbers, synthetic and cellulose fibers - Pharmaceutical products (drugs and medicines) - Paints, varnishes and lacquers - Soaps, detergents, cleaning products, perfumes , cosmetics and other perfumery products - Various chemical products, such as polishing liquids, explosives, adhesives, inks, photographic films and developing products.

Industrial flooring for the healthcare sector

Continuous sanitary industrial floors and pavement in Barcelona applied by Grupo Pavin with a decorative or industrial finish, specially designed for those areas where good chemical resistance is required, with medium or intense pedestrian traffic and where aesthetics play an important role. Installation of systems required for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic sector. Special finish for each clean room, meeting the required GMP, FDA and ISO classification standards. Scotland with the same appearance as the pavement.

Antacid pavements for basins, treatment plants and other areas where there may be accidental leaks or spills of corrosive products - Flexible floors - High thickness pavements - Conductive paints that dissipate static electricity suitable for production areas where precision instruments are used. - Bacterial inhibitor systems suitable for clean rooms, laboratories, operating rooms, easy to clean and highly durable. - Industrial systems designed so that maintenance is very fast and aesthetics are always unbeatable. - It is resistant to abrasion - Smooth or slightly structured finish, according to regulations - Sanitary approval - Resistance to a wide variety of chemical products

2 - Types of industrial flooring suitable for your sector


We call a set of elements made up of a series of products and an application method that, executed in an orderly manner with each other, gives rise to the epoxy or polyurethane floor or industrial flooring suitable for each company, so that a change in one element it affects the set of all of them and makes each application unique.

Grupo Pavin industrial resin flooring

Industrial floors with basic epoxy resins

The epoxy paint system is used in the protection of pavements with light or medium physical-chemical stresses (parking lots, warehouses, low impact production areas, etc.). It is an economical option to recover the company's pavement and keep it dust-free.

Grupo Pavin industrial resin flooring

Non-slip bilayer epoxy resin industrial floors

The two-layer epoxy systems for industrial floors are common in the applications that we carry out from Grupo Pavin, we use it in the protection of floors with medium physical-chemical stresses, such as parking lots, warehouses, production areas.

Grupo Pavin industrial resin flooring

Self-leveling epoxy resin industrial floors

A self-leveling resin epoxy system is a fluid resin mortar that admits an addition of fine silica sand, which, applied to a notched trowel and after a deaeration process using a barbed roller, generates a smooth and flat surface. Completely smooth and decorative surface.

Grupo Pavin industrial resin flooring

Industrial floors Multilayer epoxy monocolor

This type of multilayer flooring is very suitable for application in areas where great mechanical and chemical resistance is required, with high anti-slip properties. The thickness of the system is variable according to the number of layers, being the advisable minimum of 3-4 mm.

Grupo Pavin industrial resin flooring

Industrial floors Multilayer epoxy quartz color

The multi-layer color quartz epoxy system for industrial flooring is an application method derived from the multi-layer system that allows to generate aesthetically attractive and mechanically resistant floorings with significant savings in binder.

Grupo Pavin industrial resin flooring

industrial pavements of Methyl Methacrylate

Methacrylate mortar system applicable to trowel, ultra fast curing and high mechanical and chemical resistance, for repair and preparation of pavements in thicknesses between 5 and 10mm. 3 hours (20ºC).

Grupo Pavin industrial resin flooring

Industrial floors with polyaspartic resins

The polyaspartic paint system is used to protect pavements with medium and high physical-chemical stresses (car parks, warehouses, production and commercial areas, etc ...). 4 hours (20ºC).

Grupo Pavin industrial resin flooring

Industrial pavements with polyurethane cement

A polyurethane cement system is used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, industrial kitchens and heavy industry in general, where mechanical and chemical stresses are extremely high, as well as hygienic needs, bacterial non-proliferation, exhaustive cleaning regimes, cleaning. steamed, etc.

Grupo Pavin industrial resin flooring

Industrial flooring with decorative chips

The system with decorative chips is used in the protection of pavements with light or medium physical-chemical stresses (parking lots, warehouses, low impact production areas, etc ...). It is an economical option to recover the company's pavement and keep it dust-free.

Grupo Pavin industrial resin flooring

Roof waterproofing

The basic roof waterproofing system is used to protect pavements with light or medium physical-chemical stresses (parking lots, warehouses, low-impact production areas, etc.). It is an economical option to recover the deck pavement and keep it dust-free.

3 - What are the chemical resistances of these industrial floors?


The materials we use for the application of agro-food industrial floors and pavements are tested in the laboratory following methodologies of the UNE EN ISO 4628, EN 13529 and EN 2812-1 test standards, subjecting a product-coated plate to continuous contact with the reagent during different exposure times (2h - 1 day -7 days and 28 days) in different concentrations for each compound. 


NOTE: Each application is under unique premises, so in each case the exact final resistance tables will be provided.

  • Motor oil
  • Acetic acid (5% - 30% - 99%)
  • Citric acid (5% - 30%)
  • Hydrochloric acid (5% - 30%)
  • Lactic acid (5% - 30% - 85%)
  • Nitric acid (5% - 30% - 65%)
  • Orthophosphoric acid (5% - 30% - 85%)
  • Peracetic acid (5% - 15%)
  • Sulfuric acid (5% - 30% - 50% - 98%)
  • Royal water
  • Turpentine
  • Ammonia
  • Ethanol
  • Gasoline
  • Potassium hydroxide (5% - 30%)
  • Sodium hydroxide (5% - 30% - 50%)
  • Bleach (50% - 100%)
  • Hydrogen peroxide (5% - 30%)
  • Toluene
  • Red wine
  • Xylene

4 - What to know before applying an industrial resin flooring?


We must know that when we want to carry out an application of resin floors, it is essential to understand how the current support is, if it has good mechanical resistance, if it is contaminated by oils, if there is moisture from the water table, if it has figurations, etc ... Only in this way will we be successful in any system proposed to the client. Particular attention should be paid to this point of application as it leads directly to success if we listen to what the pavement has to say.

5 - Why is it important that your company's industrial flooring is treated by professionals?


Can you imagine buying a vehicle from a jelly shop? That same reason is why it should be addressed to professionals in the sector, in recent years companies and freelancers have proliferated who do not have sufficient experience or track record in pavement systems applications.


At first, the advantageous price they offer seems to be a reason to opt for their services, nothing is further from reality. As soon as you install the floor without the sufficient guarantees that a consolidated paving company offers you, the problems will begin.

6 - How much do industrial resin pavements cost?


Before applying and choosing a resin floor, a budget projection is required that involves using epoxy, polyurethane, methacrylate resins, etc., taking into account the measurements of the work footage, humidity values in the support or possible presence of oils. That said, the price will vary depending on the treatment that the pavement requires in each case. 


In addition, it is worth mentioning that when evaluating a budget, additional elements such as repairs, patches, repairs, resins, the work of preparing the surface using devastated mechanics to open the pore of the support must be taken into account and thus achieve a optimal anchorage in your continuous pavement.

7 - How to contact and request a technical visit?


You can contact our technicians by phone +34 931 004 188, through the web chat service or through the contact form.

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