We are a company specialized in laying continuous industrial floors and pavements in Barcelona for all types of business sectors, where resistant, durable, non-slip, dust-free floors are required, with easy maintenance and high chemical performance.


Approved to your company. We offer solutions tailored to each industrial sector, we take into account multiple variables that seek to minimize the maximum downtime in your activity.


Choose the best option to repair your company's industrial floors and pavements, check prices, options and in a short time you can make a better decision.


Where to apply this type of industrial flooring?


Grupo Pavin is a company specialized in industrial flooring, more specifically in the placement of floors and continuous industrial flooring in Barcelona for all types of business sectors, where resistant, durable, non-slip, dust-free, easy-maintenance and high-quality floors are required. chemical performance. Approved for your company.


The result is a continuous industrial flooring made of epoxy resins as a unique and made-to-measure proposal, with details, references of works already carried out and personalized samples. Below we show you examples of applications in resin floors for the industrial sectors in which Grupo Pavin as a flooring company has been present for more than 25 years.

Industrial warehouse floors

Floors of car parks and parking lots

Slaughterhouse Floors

Cutting room floors

Pharmaceutical Laboratory Floors

Soils in the agri-food industry

Battery Room Floors

Floors for the Bread Industry

Floors for the meat industry

Floors for bottlers

Floors for fish farms

Floors for breweries

Floors for industrial kitchens

Asphalt and slurry floors 

Sports floors

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