Shabby concrete patches
24. February 2021
Mortar repair is the most economical solution for repairing cracks in industrial floors. However, depending on its application, the patch can break or cause more problems, and must be repaired again, generating time and economic costs.
Painting resin floors for supply warehouses
29. January 2021
The paint for floors of supply warehouses is usually a little different than other paints for floors, that is why we will offer you in this article, a complete part about the characteristics of supply warehouses, thanks to which it will be possible to work based on a quality final work.

Prices and advantages of resin floors
28. January 2021
Continuous, anti-dust epoxy or polyurethane resin floors with Pavinpox resins are used to protect floors with light or medium physical-chemical stresses (car parks, warehouses, low-impact production areas, etc.)
Resin floors for industrial floors in warehouses
27. January 2021
The intention of our paving company with the application of resin floors in industrial floors for warehouses, is your satisfaction as a customer, and on the finished work.

14. December 2020
We at Grupo Pavin as a flooring company know well the importance of good signage on the company's industrial flooring thanks to our experience in the application of continuous well-marked industrial flooring.