Prices and advantages of resin floors

Prices and advantages of resin floors
Prices and advantages of resin floors



Resin floors for industrial floors are common in the industry due to their ease of cleaning and low maintenance, which is accompanied by high chemical and mechanical resistance suitable for each activity; You will surely have also seen applications of continuous resin floors in premises or private homes, here is its decorative aspect.

Characteristics of epoxy resin floors


The fundamental characteristic that differentiates resin floors from other types of indoor floors is that they appear as a continuous monolithic block, that is, without joints and showing a continuous surface. Thus, facilitating cleaning and the non-accumulation of dirt on the ceramic tile joints, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of epoxy resin floors


The manufacturing methodology, together with the excellent result once applied correctly, makes the application of this type of resin flooring a current solution and without singular contraindications.


Aesthetic finish: customization even in the most basic finishes. Many hundreds of color shades and variations to choose from. 


Hygiene and practicality: they are easy to clean and wash because they are monolithic and without spaces where dust can lodge. It also highlights its impermeability, its anti-stain surface and its zero toxicity. 


Versatility: they adapt to all industrial and residential environments, without the need for fixed laying patterns and, thanks to the reduced thickness, only 2/3 mm in the case of self-leveling or light multilayers, they can be renewed simply by changing the color of the last layer of laying. 


Thermal performance: it can be installed with any type of heating, even with underfloor heating, as it improves thermal efficiency thanks to its low thickness and uniform heat conduction.

Disadvantages of epoxy resin floors


Wear: on completely smooth resin floors signs and scratches are more obvious. The solution is to apply a suitable floor for each use. 


Variable results depending on the base: unfortunately there are companies or freelancers who do not prepare the support on which the resin floor is placed properly, therefore it is essential to hire a consolidated paving company for the success of the reform and to guarantee a long duration . 


Yellowing: Epoxy resins have limited resistance to UV rays and this leads to possible yellowing of the surface. There are additives on the market that delay, but do not totally prevent, the effect of UV rays. Therefore, we must bear in mind that the color of the floor can change over time. For this reason, warm colors are preferable to white colors. Note: The problem does not exist with aliphatic polyurethane and acrylic resins.

Types of resin floors


Resin floors for homes are divided into different types, which differ in manufacturing components. Below we list the characteristics of the most common. 


The self-leveling resin has a minimum thickness of approximately 2mm and is made from epoxy or polyurethane resins, or from a mixture of two different resins. The result we should expect is a smooth surface of the "vitrified" type, shiny, satin or opaque. 


The resin applied by trowel is made up of cement mortars mixed with water and allows to create floors with thicknesses of approximately 2 mm. It can also be used to cover windows, shelves and siding. The effect is of a matte or glossy material type.

Resin flooring prices


The price of resin floors can vary depending on the following factors:


The level of aesthetic completion required: the more complicated the desired effect, the higher the expense that you must anticipate.


The type of preparation and labor required for the application, as well as the drying times.


The dimensions of the surface to be covered: the price will be proportionally lower for larger areas, since the costs of equipment and labor are amortized earlier.


Here we leave a small orientation, non-binding prices since each support, finish, etc. .. are decisive in the final price, for this you can always contact our technicians and request a custom quote:


  • Basic Resin Floor € 25 - € 30 / m2
  • Custom Resin Floor € 30 - € 40 / m2
  • Complex Resin Floor € 40 - € 70 / m2


The resin flooring installation process is somewhat complex. For that reason, it is recommended that in order to achieve a level floor, with durability and with the desired finish, the reform is carried out by a professional in the sector.

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