Resin floors for industrial floors in warehouses

Resin floors for industrial floors in warehouses



The materials used by Grupo Pavin in the application of resin floors for industrial floors in warehouses are usually a little different from the conventional epoxy resin for resin floors that you can find in any store to use, that is why we will deal in this article, a complete account of the characteristics of the warehouses, thanks to which it will be possible to work based on a quality final job. 


The intention of our paving company with the application of resin floors in industrial floors for warehouses, is your satisfaction as a customer, and on the finished work. It is necessary that warehouses have impeccable resin floors, and since we understand that need, we have to offer you an incredible technical solution for the resin floors of your warehouse. 


We also tell you the basic characteristics that warehouses must have, thanks to which they can be used and improve the quality of work in the chain of production and distribution of food and other various products that arrive from the main manufacturer to the final consumer.

What is the definition of storage?

What is the definition of storage?


Grupo Pavin, as an industrial paving company, understands by storage the level of the food distribution chain in a country, in which food is kept stored in one place, usually a warehouse, until it can be transported by trucks that They will be in charge of taking these foods to the different vending establishments throughout the national territory, in this case the Spanish territory. 


It is essential to have a good inventory of all the material that is inside a warehouse or warehouse of stored food, for example, to know what is the real existence of food and other products within that warehouse. 


It should be known that storage does not necessarily occur with edible products, but that it also occurs with other products for personal or collective use. Storage of spare parts for vehicles, for example, can be included, as well as there may also be personal hygiene items. 


For proper storage, you need an industrial warehouse with a good continuous floor that meets all the necessary conditions to supply all products, although not all warehouses work for all types of products. 


In addition, it is not recommended to store different kinds of products in the same warehouse, because not all products have the same physical and / or chemical characteristics.

For proper storage, you need an industrial warehouse with a good continuous floor that meets all the necessary conditions to supply all products, although not all warehouses work for all types of products.

How are the warehouses?


The warehouses are characterized by having a cooling system inside that allows keeping the food and supplies that are kept inside in good condition. 


In fact, this type of cooling is usually not too high because not only refrigerated products are stored in these warehouses, but also those that do not need to be refrigerated.


In the case of other types of storage other than food, sometimes a cold system is needed that can be useful to keep what is kept in storage, while for other kinds of things and / or products, it is not required. no cooling.


An important characteristic to mention in the case of storage warehouses is the floor, the resin floors of this type of warehouses have to be as well conditioned as possible, and preferably very smooth, with the intention that it can be much more easy transportation of the merchandise within the ship. 


Therefore, one of the best resins for this type of warehouse is polyurethane. 


Having a storage warehouse is a titanic task, especially when it comes to safeguarding food and other food products, because it is necessary to protect this warehouse from the entry of different animals that could damage the merchandise that is protected inside the warehouse. that is why a completely hermetic, anti-animal security system is needed.

How are the warehouses?

Epoxy resin floors for industrial floors in warehouses


The epoxy resins that are used for this class of warehouses for storage must be a type of epoxy resin resistant to different substances, with the intention that the floor can be easily cleaned in case of any type of accident with the products, such as spills or other such inconvenience. 


Whether it is epoxy resin or another type of epoxy resin for warehouses, all that is important in the case of this type of epoxy resin for resin floors in warehouses is that it is very easy to clean and make. the necessary maintenance to maintain its durability. 


In the case of warehouses, you cannot expect to place a floor that is too delicate because daily use will end up damaging the entire floor finish, on the contrary, these resin floors should be as rustic as possible, with the intention of They can be used for a long time without damage or cracks from overuse. 


We take care of this in our company, applying resin floors for many years, whose conservation methods are simple and economical, to increase the performance of all this kind of resin floors.

Epoxy resin floors for industrial floors in warehouses

How much will it cost me to apply the floor of the warehouse?


The cost of the ship storage has a lot to do with the size of the field, whether it is a small ship, a few square meters, then you most likely have to develop a much lower budget, whereas if it is a much larger ship, chances are you may have a higher cost. 


Another feature to consider is the quality of the epoxy resin, if it is an epoxy resin which really is very good quality, it is worth paying a little more money, but with the certainty that you will have a floor that hard it will be damaged or corrode over time. 


If it is a medium quality epoxy resin, you will most likely have to be prepared to repair the damage to the epoxy resin in a short time, but it will be much cheaper at the beginning of the installation. 


However, it is clear that the best way to save money is to pay out a little more money now than to buy an income for posterity. 


The higher the quality of the epoxy resin in which you have invested, the better the finish will be and in a longer amount of time it will end up damaging the epoxy resin that has been placed on the resin floors. Thus, it is necessary that puntualices what is your position regarding savings before deciding on the type of epoxy resin flooring that will place.

How much will it cost me to apply the floor of the warehouse?

Preparation of the support before starting to apply the resins


Antes de empezar a aplicar, tendrás que hacer un trabajo previo, que pasa por limpiar, lavar el terreno, e incluso lijar en algunos casos.  


Por lo general, cuando se establece que es necesario lijar el terreno antes de comenzar a aplicar, es porque el terreno ya tiene una resina epoxi inicial que ya se ha deteriorado con el tiempo.  


También es necesario tomar en consideración que se necesita lavar muy bien el espacio que se va a aplicar para evitar aplicar por encima de elementos que estén sucios, porque cuando se lave el suelo, se puede resquebrajar la resina epoxi.  


Además, cuando se trata de aplicar, es completamente lógico e higiénico que primero se haga una limpieza completa del terreno antes de empezar con el proceso de resina epoxi.

Top-notch experience and finishes


The experience of all the workers of our company in epoxy resin and renovation of the ships for different uses, makes our clients trust us more and more. 


It is for this reason that we prefer that our potential clients judge our work once it is finished, because it is there that they can detect both the virtues and the defects of the final work. 


We offer not only quality in the work and experience in what we do, but we also have the possibility of offering advice to our clients who have not yet decided on the correct way to apply the resin floors of their warehouse. 


We offer this kind of help because we feel confident in our knowledge and what we can achieve with our ideas. 


In the event that the client is very clear about the type of material they would use, in the colors they want and the amount of land they intend to apply, we as professionals would only need a couple of instructions on what they want and we take care of it. to develop the rest of the idea. 


If you are in the process of reforming your storage warehouse and you have not yet decided who will take over the reins of the epoxy resin on the floor of that enclosure, you can confidently communicate with us, we will assist you in the best possible way.


And we will provide you with the necessary tools so that you can have a first quality finish on the epoxy resin of the floor of your storage warehouse. 


Another interesting thing that we offer you is an online budget system, in which you can write to us to tell us all the characteristics of the project, with which we can offer you a complete budget on the estimate to invest in epoxy resin for resin floors. of your warehouse.

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