Shabby concrete patches

Shabby concrete patches by Grupo Pavin
Shabby concrete patches by Grupo Pavin



Mortar repair is the most economical solution for repairing cracks in industrial floors. However, depending on its application, the patch can break or cause more problems, and must be repaired again, generating time and economic costs.


In our group dedicated to industrial flooring we classify the condition of the patch according to its deterioration.


You need to be very precise when determining the problem to solve, and one of the best ways is to know exactly what material you are dealing with. There are patches that deteriorate:


High: This is the most important type of degradation. In these cases, the concrete patch has worn away much of its surface and core, spreading particles and causing more and more obvious cracks. These concrete patches are often laid by non-professionals, so we insist that to achieve overall floor efficiency, there is no need to rely on other professionals except those engaged in the repair and installation of industrial flooring. It should be noted that badly damaged license plates can also cause accidents in factories using wheeled vehicles.


Medium: The average degree of plate deterioration is when the edges of the plate begin to wear out. Unlike the previous situation, the surrounding areas do not have to be affected ... But if quick corrective action is not taken, they will be affected.


Low: This is a stage that is relatively easy to solve. In these cases, although the patch allowed road traffic and strong mechanical traction, the patch began to show significant degradation. Now is the time to get to work and do a good job of rehabilitation, which can make the floor firm and stable without damage.



What do those responsible for maintenance in the factory think?
What do those responsible for maintenance in the factory think?

What do those responsible for maintenance in the factory think?


Factory and warehouse managers with poorly repaired floors sometimes think that regular maintenance is enough. little. First, you need to know why the patch has deteriorated. Among these reasons, we will mention:


Progress of deterioration:

When it goes unnoticed or the diagnosis has not been all accurate, using inappropriate materials or techniques for its solution.


Constructions not feasible:

In this case, we refer to construction processes in which not all factors have been taken into account, including soil stability and previously applied patches.


Gaskets in poor condition:

Either due to poor placement or improper use.



What results are achieved with these repair treatments?
What results are achieved with these repair treatments?

What results are achieved with these repair treatments?


At Grupo Pavin we provide a 10-year anti-dust guarantee. This guarantee has a lot to say in a field where maintenance has to be reduced to a minimum.


It is very important that when laying an industrial flooring this particularity is taken into account.


At this point we will talk about the incidents associated with a deteriorated patch that releases dust. It must be emphasized that plasters that have been badly made or that have suffered attacks, give off dust that, among other problems, will cause machine failures and unnecessary extra costs.


Dust proliferates on untreated concrete floors, but also on polished concrete floors that have not been treated using state-of-the-art procedures..


It consists of a mixture of resins and products, some of which will be mixed with the core of the concrete, thus making its resistance prevail.


In addition, the surface area will be covered by a film of extreme hardness and resistance, a layer that integrally seals the surface, avoiding porosity and making maintenance as simple as that which we can carry out in our own home.


On patched cement floors, on untreated screeds, as well as on new but poorly installed industrial floors, we propose cost-effective and durable options. Contact our team to find out about prices, about services and about each and every one of the details.



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