Signage on the company's industrial flooring

Signage on the company's industrial flooring by Grupo Pavin
Signage on the company's industrial flooring by Grupo Pavin


We at Grupo Pavin as a flooring company know well the importance of good signage on the company's industrial flooring thanks to our experience in the application of continuous well-marked industrial flooring and flooring in Barcelona, we know of some setbacks that have led to accidents due to an oversight when planning an industrial flooring, so today we will give voice to those signaling lines, pedestrian crossings, dolls, etc.

Why the sings on the company's industrial flooring?


How many times have you felt panic when a driver with the bull and a 1,400kg load in the middle of the ship buzzed past you? We do not want to be birds of a bad omen in the signage on the industrial pavement of the company, but we do want that when we go to budget jobs in many industries we find a detail that for us does make the difference between a job done at 95% or 100% signaling lines are missing!


One must think that all the rules that we find in a panel at the entrance are there to make it beautiful and the truth is that they are for the good of all and the proper functioning of the company.


Good signage is CRUCIAL


Correct signage on a resin floor on any industrial flooring is an indispensable tool in the industry, allowing to delimit itineraries, areas or warn of dangers in a very visual way.


Usually, it is applied with special resin-based paint, which is characterized by its high resistance to friction wear. They dry fairly quickly, thus allowing large surfaces to be covered without stopping customer activity.


They are common to delimit spaces with lines, to warn of dangerous areas that for safety need to be alerted in a very visual way, such as the existence of changes in level or grade, stairs, parking lots or pedestrian areas, production or rolling areas of vehicles, among the most common.


Homogeneity must be sought in all work centers to use the same signaling criteria in all their areas, thus ensuring that it is interpreted by all staff in the same way, regardless of where they are at that time. All these security measures are pursued to guarantee that the work is carried out in optimal conditions of safety and order. Thanks to adequate signage on the company's industrial flooring, the products are available at all times in the corresponding specific area.


Grupo Pavin offers all its clients personalized advice on the signage of the company's industrial flooring, in addition to the correct application of all previous work in the location and development of safe solutions for merchandise and pedestrian routes and merchandise handling vehicles.


We analyze the support on site, we propose the staking for the resolution of singular points, definition of streets / areas / quays, colors and line widths, iconography to use, signage according to the specific application regulations, always following the previous instructions provided by its own or external Prevention Service.

Correctly identify the different locations


The correct signage on the company's industrial pavement and identification of the different locations will allow the delimitation of the work spaces of the traffic lanes and the storage areas, thus avoiding the falls that occur when traveling.


The movement of people and materials in the workplace is carried out through the traffic routes and the fact of circulating through them entails the possibility of the occurrence of various types of accidents, mainly falls, blows, collisions and run over, therefore Any internal regulation established for the correct use of the roads in companies must be respected at all times, in particular, road signs.


The work surfaces in the signage on the company's industrial flooring are the reason for the origin of a large number of workplace accidents, mainly falls at the same level, which represent approximately 10% of the total accidents with sick leave registered in Spain annually . Of these, 98.4% have mild consequences, 1.58% serious consequences and 0.02% fatal consequences.


An important part of these falls occurs when traveling from one point to another in the company, whether to search for a part, tool or document, go to services, to transmit information, to meet another person, to participate in a meeting. meeting or when you join or leave the job. 


The correct identification of the different locations will allow the delimitation of the work spaces of the traffic lanes and the storage areas, thus avoiding the falls that occur when traveling.

Preventive measures for the making of the work surfaces


When necessary for the protection of workers, vehicle traffic lanes must be clearly delimited by continuous stripes of a clearly visible color, preferably white or yellow, taking into account the color of the ground. The delimitation must respect the necessary safety distances between vehicles and nearby objects, and between pedestrians and vehicles.


Color marking referring to marking of unevenness, obstacles or other elements that give rise to the risk of falling people, collisions or blows, delimitation of areas, etc. it will be done by alternating yellow and black stripes. The stripes must have an approximate inclination of 45º and be of similar dimensions.


The use of alternating yellow and black stripes with an inclination of 45º should be limited exclusively to warning of the danger of falls, shocks and blows, and it is not advisable to use them to paint safety elements such as railings and guards on machines.


Surfaces dedicated to specific functions, such as buffer storage, material classification areas, location of mobile equipment, access routes or extinguishing media and escape routes, should not be marked by yellow and black bands, but by using a specific signaling code as simple as possible, preferably using continuous strips 10 cm wide, white or yellow (depending on the color of the industrial flooring). 


The horizontal signaling of the work centers will be carried out, whenever necessary, delimiting the work areas, avoiding interferences between nearby workstations and marking the corridors as zones free of temporary or fixed obstacles; For this, continuous strips of 5 cm wide, white or yellow (depending on the color of the industrial flooring) will preferably be used to delimit the work areas or warehouses of the traffic lanes and 10 cm wide to delimit the corridors for pedestrians, when they circulate parallel to roads.

The choice of colors with the Ral card


To avoid excessive colors, the range of colors used will be as reduced as possible and for each color the same hue is always used in all the signs of the company's industrial flooring.


Buffer storages and material classification areas could be marked by outlining them around the perimeter with bands equal to those used for traffic lanes and their interior area painted in a single color or by identifying bands for such a function (preferably white).


The access areas to the extinguishing media must be marked on the ground by outlining them around the perimeter with red bands in any signage on the company's industrial pavement.


When pedestrian crossing areas are to be delimited on internal roads, it would be appropriate to mark such crossing areas by means of wide yellow or white bands (zebra-type crossings) 10 cm wide, in the same color as the one used in the signage of the roads.

Differentiate rolled and pedestrian circulation surfaces


When in interior areas there are vehicular and pedestrian traffic lanes, it would be convenient to differentiate the pedestrian traffic surfaces, or at least their borders, using a different color from the vehicle traffic lanes.


When painting the marking strips on the roads, it is recommended to use paints prepared so that, when the vehicles pass, they present an adhesion to the road surface similar to that of the rest of the road surface.


To protect their safety and health, pedestrians must observe all regulations that are established in this regard for the use of traffic lanes in the workplace, especially the vertical and horizontal signs indicating the areas of passage.



NOTE: As a result of the participation in the comments, we note that the employer must adopt the safety signs that, according to the results of the risk assessment, are necessary and useful for their control in order to comply with LAW 31 / 1995, on Occupational Risk Prevention, and RD 485/1997, of April 14, on health and safety signs at work.

Who is in charge of the signage con the company's industrial floor?


In the signage on the industrial pavement of the company, the person in charge of the work will depend on the size of the company, being the owner of the same in the smallest and in larger companies a technician in prevention of occupational risks (PRL).


On multiple occasions, clients tell us that they have a budget with a cheaper price for pavement marking in their company.


As is customary, our technicians ask you to know the techniques offered in said quote to see if we are offering the same solution, since due to experience and price difference there are things that do not add up.


Usually there are some companies or self-employed applicators that offer floor paint treatments to mark a company:

  • No mechanical preparation of the support.
  • With low quality paint
  • Without the necessary knowledge to adequately delimit the areas


It goes without saying that this is unprofessional on your part but fortunately whenever the client lets us explain it to them we end up working for your company at a professional and correct price.


Although it is true that the pore can be opened chemically, it is not as effective as doing it mechanically since the preparation is more exhaustive and the anchoring is of higher quality.


Added to this is the use of professional queens of high quality, durability and high covering power. Perhaps the price of the boat is higher than other offers on the market, but you save time and you win in quality.


Our bet is always:

  • Preparation of the support by mechanical roughing applying the best technique according to need (dianovado, milling, shot blasting, etc ...) to open the pore of the support
  • Vacuuming the entire surface, thus facilitating the chemical and mechanical anchoring of the resins to be applied later.
  • Roller application of the most suitable resin to the substrate in the color of the Ral chart of your choice.

Internal marking of the loading springs


For the correct signaling of the loading docks and interior doors where we have a possibility of falls at a different level, we must signal in yellow and black, alternating both colors so that it is visually recognized by all the workers of the company and there is no doubt regarding the danger that this represents.

Footsteps of zebra well marked for the company


When machines and pedestrians coexist, everyone has to know the traffic routes both inside and outside the company. The zebra crossings at the level of road markings are intended to preserve the integrity of the worker against the scope that could be produced by any machine or vehicle authorized for it within the facilities. 


Here the pedestrian always has preference, but NOT in quarrying, mining, etc ... it is the machines that have it due to their enormous mass, they are unable to stop in time. So be very careful out there.

Signaling of extinguishers


In the industrial signposting of the location of fire extinguishers, it is not enough just to have them hanging on the wall ... you have to use them but more importantly when we are crouching on the ground to be able to find them thanks to the fact that their location is well marked inside or outside the company.

Signaling of pedestrian corridors outside the company


You cannot enter an industrial environment and walk wherever you want, you put yourself in danger and others too, that is why the signage of corridors outside the company is equal to or more important than the interior .. since some Sometimes they do not accompany you until you arrive at the reception, watch well where you walk and be cautious.

Why is it important to mark the pedestrian corridors in industry?


The signaling of pedestrian corridors is something that is not always taken into account and is really very important for the operation of factories and companies. In addition, it is a great help to avoid fines, which can be extremely expensive.


These markings are a key aspect for any place where an industrial flooring is needed.


These provide a lot of safety to workers, especially in those places, where there is a parking lot. But it also brings other benefits for the company.

The minimum provisions on occupational health and safety signs, which is a legislation derived from the Occupational Risk Prevention Law, says that it is mandatory to include markings in the following cases:




For this reason, the lanes in which cars circulate must be clearly delimited with a visible color (white or yellow), which must respect the minimum safety distances with pedestrians.




At this point, it is necessary for the signs to be delimited with markings on the pavement, with the sole exception of those occasions when there are other types of barriers.

Advantages of industrial signage on resin floors


In turn, it should be noted that the surfaces that are dedicated to specific functions must be painted with continuous bands of 10 centimeters wide, in white or yellow.


In addition to complying with what Spanish legislation says and thus avoiding fines or lawsuits, industrial signage has other benefits for your company.


In the first place, a signposted company will have much more order, since they will be perfectly delimited, the areas through which they can walk and the places where employees can park their vehicles, among other relevant sectors.


This is very important, especially in those factories or warehouses, where the traffic of people and cars is "constant".


In turn, with correct signaling, operators will not waste time looking for where they can walk, which has an impact on more time spent on work.


Finally, the safety of employees is one of the main advantages that a professional marking will bring to your company.


In this way, accidents and confusion, which can cost a lot, will be avoided for the company that does not have these demarcations.


In short, the marking of pedestrian walkways and zebra crossings is essential for any factory or company, especially those that are very large.



In this sense, at Grupo Pavin - Pavimentos Industriales, we have everything you need to provide you with a unique and quality service for your business.

Working methodology in the industrial signage of the company


In our company, Grupo Pavin, you will find all kinds of services, since we carry out approved agri-food floors and pavements, continuous epoxies for the automotive industry and those for the tourism and hotel sectors.


In turn, we make industrial floors for logistics companies, private garages, public parking lots, floors for toilets and many more. We have what is necessary for all types of companies and businesses.


We have more than 25 years in this type of professional work in Barcelona, with countless pavements made in all kinds of areas.


First of all, we offer our clients a sample at no cost, on the floor of their facilities.


This demonstration is approximately 1 m2, so that you can see, first hand, how we sign.


For this reason, once the client contacts our company, a technician will call them and then coordinate the way in which this free trial will be done.

If it is to the liking of the client, we will make a budget with the most recommended options, depending on the type of demarcation you need.


We offer solutions tailored to the client and we take into account the real requirements that the work entails, for a longer duration of the paving.


Absolutely all the materials with which we work, have their technical, safety, certifications and approvals for each use and sector.


Applications in industrial floors and pavements are carried out by a team of applicators, with great experience in all sectors, with whom we have worked for 25 years.


In conclusion, we have all the means to carry out a correct, approved and adequate work for each industry and, of course, adapted to the needs and obligations that each item requires.


It is that we know perfectly the Spanish legislation, so the client will have a job where the basis will be respect for the law, to prevent the industry or company from suffering any inconvenience due to bad signs.


In short, we offer everything necessary so that our clients have a highly professional and legal job.



In this sense, you can see the pedestrian signs and the zebra crossings that we made for Caldes De Montbui, a prominent cardboard factory in Barcelona.

Step by step in the industrial signage of the pavement


There is no doubt that industrial flooring is essential for all types of companies and factories, anywhere in the world, including in Spain.


In this country, Spanish legislation establishes this type of paving, mainly to give employees greater security. But it also brings other benefits, such as the necessary order for the company.


At Grupo Pavin - Pavimentos Industriales, we specialize in industrial signage and professional flooring for companies in different fields.


We have been standing out in the legal demarcation for 25 years, throughout the Catalan territory, so if you are thinking of opening an industry or company, do not hesitate to contact us, through our website.


We take care of putting factories, constructions and food, hospitality, automotive, sanitary companies in optimal conditions, among others.


In addition, we carry out approved agri-food floors and pavements, continuous epoxies for the automotive industry and those required for the tourism and hotel sector.


As if that were not enough, we also make industrial floors for logistics companies, private garages, public parking lots and floors for toilets. We offer paving for all types of companies and businesses.

Preparation of the support in the industrial signage of the company


First, we prepare the support for industrial demarcation, an action that consists, in the first instance, in roughing the support with a very small tool.


This is done in order to have a better chemical and mechanical anchoring of the resin, thus preventing the marking from being lifted or detached. In this way, the work will last much longer. 


After having prepared the support for the signage, we began to demarcate the pedestrian walkways and emergency exits, the 2 most important points of factories and companies, especially those that are very large. The objective is to order the employees walking, so that they can coexist in the best way with the machines, thus avoiding probable accidents.

The importance of conditioning the support correctly


Part of the signage for the pedestrian corridor consists of putting pedestrian dolls on the ground, so that employees on foot and machine drivers have no doubts about the demarcation.


Finally, there is no doubt about the relevance of demarking the loading docks and their respective platforms, to favor the maneuvers of the truckers, each time they enter and leave the factory. This is how we work particularly with the cutlery factory, at all times with absolute responsibility and high quality. 


Actually, this is how we proceed in all buildings, of the various areas that we cover with the company. On the Grupo Pavin - Pavimentos Industriales website, you will be able to see photographs of how we carry out all this signaling.

Industrial signaling of emergency exits


In times of stress, everyone needs very clear references to be able to evacuate the facilities in a concise manner, without avalanches and in an orderly manner.

Industrial signaling of pedestrian dolls


The coexistence of the pedestrian and the machine is thus ordered, thus minimizing the possibility of an accident, marking the industrial pavement is required by law, providing safety to all.


There are many shapes and sizes, this depends on the taste or predilection of the client but what must be clear is that they must be visible from any point of the aisle / route by the operator and operator who moves on foot.

Industrial signaling for loading springs


Another important point to be marked and greatly facilitates the trucker's maneuvering are the loading docks and their platforms. You don't know how difficult it is to steer a truck or van until you get to it for the first time, making it easier for the driver to maneuver will make everything safer in the dock area.

Industrial floor marking and flooring of fire resins


When a fire occurs in a company, it is essential to know how to act in an orderly and correct manner to preserve life.


By law, every building must contain escape routes, proper fire signs and a good emergency plan. Workers at the scene of the fire must follow a security protocol, a quick and orderly evacuation of the building, and know how to use basic fire protection systems.


Fire spreads fast, therefore it is essential that these fire signs are located in strategic places with quick and easy vision.


The function of fire signaling is basically to inform and indicate in the clearest way possible where the fire equipment is located, where the escape routes are and the way forward.


Every building must install fire signs and comply with the CTE standards, which are the standards of the Technical Building Code. In Spain, these signs must comply with mandatory UNE Standards throughout the country. These standards apply to fire signage a series of installation rules, measures, types, distinction, colors, shapes and meanings.


As a rule, all evacuation routes must have minimal lighting systems, powered by batteries, and that in the event of an immediate blackout allow to see. For this there are also photoluminescent fire signs, which are ideal for identifying evacuation routes, emergency exits and fire protection equipment in an emergency with no light. These signs are valid for both exteriors and interiors and must comply with Spanish safety regulations.

Signs at the door steps


The signaling on the floors and industrial resin floors in the doorways is considered a critical point that should not be ignored under any pretext, it is a moment of very low visibility between machines and pedestrians. It must always be signposted.

Marking the parallel steps to the shelves


Marking all the necessary elements for the activity to be carried out without risk is essential since in this case pedestrians have to access the shelves at all points on foot. Signaling of pedestrian crossings, pedestrian walkways with a doll and a fire zone.

Marking of walls or elements that make a natural line


The reason for painting a single line is that we take advantage of the wall or other fixed elements such as shelves for example that make us a natural and imaginary line.

Signaling of crossings in the company


Grupo Pavin, as a company specializing in industrial signage, knows that crossings are the most delicate points when we are in the signage of industrial floors and pavements, the machines handle large loads that can wreak havoc.

Signaling of special areas in the company


All areas must be marked so that both locals and foreigners can identify at all times where they are located, if there is danger of any kind, where they have to walk, cross, etc ... That is when the signaling of areas of step, not blocking the crossing, fire extinguishers, battery charging area, etc ... makes more sense than ever.


Not only the corridors, zebra crossings, ...

Importance of industrial signage in circulation areas in the company


Warehouse safety, like any other workplace, is governed by a series of national regulations both in terms of warehouse construction and its operation (Law 31/1995, of November 8, on Occupational Risk Prevention).


In the signaling of a pedestrian corridor for an industrial warehouse, the shelves are arranged following a specific order that leaves a series of corridors free that can be pedestrian, machinery circulation, mixed, work, security and even passageways or tunnels. that go through the structure itself. In the design of the installation, it is necessary to take into account what each corridor will be used for in order to provide it with the corresponding width.


It is also necessary to differentiate as much as possible between the areas where vehicles and people pass, with special attention at crossings so that the turning angles of the machinery and visibility are correct. According to the legislation there are some basic rules:


Pedestrian crossings must be established perpendicular to the storage modules when their length exceeds 40 m. In the same row, the distances between two consecutive passages will not exceed 20 m.


The passages for the movement of people must have the upper level covered with materials resistant to the fall of the goods from the pallets.

In corridors or tunnels with double circulation, the width must not be less than that of the forklifts or vehicles that circulate through them or that of the larger loads, increased by at least 1.50 m. If people also circulate in such corridors, a minimum width of 1 m for their exclusive use should be foreseen.


In passage tunnels, the free height will be that of the folded mast of the truck without load that flies vertically over it with a minimum clearance of 50 cm.

Process in the signaling of the pedestrian corridor in the company


The dianovado of the support in signaling a pedestrian corridor for an industrial warehouse for the area to be treated is a fundamental part of the application to be able to pass a machine with a diamond disk and industrial suction to open the pore, remove grout remains, etc. thus achieving the best of the chemical and mechanical anchoring of the resin with the existing base pavement.


Roller application of resins


We roll 2 coats of the resin corresponding to the requirements of the support and end use, this time a 100% solid epoxy resin in the Ral color chosen by the client, which has really been successful as it provides the hallway with high visibility increasing everyone's safety.



Specific signage for pedestrian traffic areas


The space of a warehouse is shared by the load units, the metal racks and the lifting and handling machinery. In itself, it is not a dangerous work environment, but the misuse of any of the different elements that compose it is what can cause injuries to people, costly service interruptions and damage to facilities or goods.



Always coordinated with the client or PRL manager


Each sign is made to measure and adapts to the work flow of the entire plant, with the safety of all those who work in it as a primary objective. Jobs that if the company has an ORP (Occupational Risk Prevention) study plan or a person in charge of the workforce are greatly expedited.



Better to draw up the plan on the spot


In this type of facilities, it is advisable to carry out a prevention plan, training staff in the correct use of the plant and inspection equipment, that is, constantly checking that all optimal conditions of use and maintenance are met. , and correcting possible damage or a malfunction of any element of the warehouse.

Industrial marking of resin floors for industry


The occupational risk prevention signs (PRL) are aimed at preventing occupational accidents and increasing safety in workplaces.


Among the signs of prevention of occupational hazards are:

  • Prohibition sign: a sign that prohibits behavior that is likely to cause danger.
  • Warning sign: a sign that warns of a risk or danger.
  • Obligation signal: a signal that forces a certain behavior.
  • Indicative signs: signs that provide information other than those previously mentioned.


Once the customer contacts our company, a professional technician calls them and a free trial is arranged. This demo is about 1 square meter, so that you can see, first-person, what industrial signage work is like. If the client likes what they see in the free trial, we will make a budget for them, with the most recommended options, depending on the type of demarcation that is needed.


Absolutely all the materials with which we work, have their technical, safety, certifications and approvals for each use and sector. Applications in industrial floors and pavements are carried out by a team of professionals, all with great experience in various sectors, with whom we have been working for 25 years.


In conclusion, we have all the means to carry out a correct job for each industry and, of course, adapted to the needs and obligations of each area that we cover. We offer everything necessary, so that our clients have a professional and legal job.


In the first place, because we know perfectly Spanish legislation, so the client will have a job, where the basis will be respect for the law, thus avoiding the industry or company suffering inconveniences due to bad signs.


On the other hand, the 25 years of uninterrupted work, makes us one of the most reliable options you can find in Barcelona. In addition, we work with high quality and very sophisticated materials, which perfectly comply with what the law says. On the other hand, our employees stand out in all the business and industrial areas that we cover, which is undoubtedly a plus for clients.


Here we know what each of the companies needs and an example of this is the work we do for the cutlery factory flooring. Finally, we have a personalized service, with quick and accurate responses, and the best value for money you can find in Barcelona.

Request a sample of industrial signage


Definitely, these signs are a fundamental aspect, for any place where an industrial flooring is needed.


Mainly, because they provide safety to workers, especially in those places where there is a large parking lot or warehouse. But they also provide other benefits for the company.


The demarcations are mandatory and you can find them in the minimum provisions on health and safety signs at work, which is legislation derived from the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks.


For this reason, in our company you will find all kinds of services for your company, since we make floors and pavements with their respective signs, for the main business and industrial areas.


Remember that we have 25 years of experience in this type of professional work in Barcelona, with countless pavements carried out, in a large number of sectors.


Each company has its codes and work needs, so each sign adapts according to the norm to the real thing.


We remind you that the company will inform the workers of the measures to be taken with regard to the use of safety and health signs at work. It will train workers in the meaning of the signs. It will take into account the consultation and participation of workers in this matter.


We carry out a sample of the system according to your activity or budget on the pavement of your facilities of approximately 1 square meter. You can assess first-hand the best option for your company.


Dynamics: write to us telling us what you need or want, a technician calls you to finalize details, we move an applicator technician and we carry out the sample where you indicate.


In parallel: we are preparing a first budget with the most appropriate options. So when you receive it you will see on the ground what you are contracting with our company and better understand the proposed solutions. 


If you are interested in a system and think it may be out of your price range, please contact us today as we can offer a discount to new customers.


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

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